Performance Data

Key Stage 2 outcomes 2016/17

The expected standard in the tests is a scaled score of 100 or above, children who achieved 110 or above met the threshold for a high score.

Progress is measured based on prior attainment at Key Stage 1. Children are then compared to how their peers with the same starting points performed in the latest assessments.


Key Stage 2 Attainment and Progress 2016/17

  Met the Expected Standard Achieved a High Score Progress from KS1 to KS2   Average scaled scores  
Reading 57% 25% -0.3   101.61  
Writing 73% 24% 1.2   101.06  
Maths 64% 21% -0.9   101.06  
Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation 58% 21%     101.27  

For more information of the schools performance visit the DfE’s school performance tables website

Although it is difficult to compare performance with previous years, The Fischer Family Trust (FFT), a non-profit organisation, have developed a reporting tool for schools, Local Authorities and Academy Chains which has enabled them to develop a means of comparing previous performances with current performances.