Class Butterworth have enjoyed discovering more about our place in the world. We have thought about where to find Malton on a map, and practised using a map of our school to find our way around. We have compared Malton and Filey, discussing their similarities and differences, and have spent time describing what we like and dislike about both places. 

The children all expressed an interest in the need for us to collect our rubbish when we were in Filey, and this has led us to find out more about what and how we can recycle.


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Where is Our Place in the World?

We are currently thinking about our place in the world, and the children have enjoyed exploring what they already know about the local area of Malton. Following our wonderful school trip to Filey, the children have compared the two localities, thinking about how they are similar and different.


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The Bog Baby

The children have really enjoyed our most recent enquiry, in which we have explored the challenges faced by the Bog Baby and other animals. Following our school trip to the Arboretum, we considered where we had found the Bog Baby and what his habitat was like.


The children expressed their interest in the homes of different animals and we have considered how to use books and the internet to gather information about animals’ habitats. Year One children have applied this in their story writing and have each written their own story about an animal and its habitat, considering the challenges their animal might face.

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Step into Spring

As we continue through the Spring Term, Class Butterworth have begun our new enquiry based on trains. It would be fantastic to see any research the children complete at home. Thank you to those of you who have already supported your children in doing this - the children have really enjoyed sharing their work with the class. Year One children will be designing and making their own information leaflets based on what we find out about trains.


Year One children are focusing on 2-digit numbers to 100 in maths. Why not practise reading and writing some 2-digit numbers at home?

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Happy New Year!

We are very excited to welcome back Class Butterworth after the Christmas holidays!

We began our new ‘right and wrong’ enquiry this term by looking at some thought provoking photos in small groups. This week we have completed collaborative work in groups; finding out what we already know about people that help us learn about right and wrong, including authors and our parents. The children are becoming fantastic at working together to share ideas as a group before presenting them to the rest of the class.

As we continue to progress through the term our focus for Literacy will be traditional tales. We will be using stories as a point of discussion for considering what is right and wrong. We will focus on using story language and work towards planning and writing our own stories.

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